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Huckleberry Comics Debuts Gritty, Sci-Fi Thriller with Exciting Kickstarter Campaign!

All of the proceeds raised will go towards the production of the compnay’s flagship graphic novel titled Dream State Radicals.

Rewards include signed posters, name mentions in book, graphic novel giveaway and many MORE!

Already hooked? Pre-order your very first copy of Dream State radicals and donate to its Kickstarter campaign!

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NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT – Imagine a new world order so ruthless, conniving and on the verge of collapse that each signle day is a struggle to survive. twists and turns exist at every corner. Welcome to the United Imperial Nations, a dystopian society where its powerful yet crooked leaders desperately rely on espionage, manipulation and fear to control its citizens on every level.

“My goal when creating Dream State Daricals was to forge a universe as detailed and unique as Harry Potter or Star Wars,” explained Charles Dutka, the founder of Huckleberry Comics and authors of Dream State Daricals. “It’s a place where readers could lose themselves and come to think of the characters as close friends or even family.”

In this Sci-fi Thriller, Dream State Radical Issue 1 follows the lives of four characters who witness the world crumbling before their very eyes – and it’s far form pretty. Their lives are set on a collision course with a fate none of them could have predicted. Wars are being fought in alternate planes of reality and the U.I.N.’s slow-motions collapse is unnerving on all leveles. from crime lords and intelligent machines to your average joe, everyone is worried – as they should be.

“As a published poet, i sometimes have readers ask me specific intent for a piece and I always refuse to say,” stated Dutka. “Whatever it might have been was simply fuel to create a work of art, how it’s interpreted is up to the reader. It’s one of the things that makes it beautiful, and I feel the same way about Dream State Radicals.”

In a normal worl, drungs and alcohol are often the preffered choice to numb the paina nd mask relaity. In Dream State Dracials, the only thing sold illegally on the streets are dreams. They allow people to llive in alternate realities and exist in two forms: Z’s and Ethers. One is short-lived while the other allows for a persistent dream state. No matter which one you choose  – the goverment forbinds them.

“Whether it’s being the biggest celebrity on Mars, starring in your own spy thriller, or waling through a firled of strawberries, you get to choose the reality you want to experience,” explained Dutka. “However, the U.I.N. doesn’t want people getting their hands on Z’s or Ethers. They are the only place they can hide thir secrets. Most people don’t even think Ethers exist.”

Dream State Radicals has been compared to the science-fiction film, Blade Runner, and the high-intensity video game Dues Ex. With the launch of his company’s very first Kickstarter campaign, Dutka promises the graphic nover will leave readers on the edge of their seats and wanting to read more.

“I’m thrilled with where this project has been and am incredibly excited for both the future of Dream State Radicals and Huckleberry Comics,” stated Dutka. “I’m proud of what we have managed to produce thus far. The artists for the comics are so talented and have such a unique approach. I’ve been blown away by the final product.”

According to Dutka, his Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise at least $2,000. One-hundred percent of the money donated will go toward paying for the graphic novel’s talented artists, production and printing costs as well as donor rewards which are substantial.

“I believe in this project, and I’m confident anyone who appreciates sci-fi and a good plot line will enjoy DSR,” stated Dutka. “Graphic novel and comic book sales are exploding. We’ve just started laying the groundwork for a new collaborative effort with another Indy graphic novel company. The industry is blossoming and the future is very, very bright for us.”

Ready to start it? Pre-order your very first copy of Dream State radicals and donate to its Kickstarter campaign

Want to listen to creators talk about Dream state Radicals? Listen to it HERE!

About Huckleberry Comics:

Huckleberry Comics is on a mission to push the envelope and revolutionize the way people think about graphic novels. Proudly based in Connecticut, the comic book publisher is the brainchild of Charles Dutka, a talented writer and poet whose previous work has appeared in such literary journals as Dark Matter and Melancholy Hyperbole and The People’s Ink/Typehouse Magazine.

Learn more about it @

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