Book Blitz: There Are No Enemies by Mary Anneeta Mann

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Title: There Are No Enemies: A Philosophy of Life 

Author: Mary Anneeta Mann

Release Date: 30 December 2011

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There Are No Enemies explores a Practical Philosophy of Life for humankind based upon reverence for life and The Science of Being Altogether first offered by Aristotle, the Philosopher. Human beings are al l deemed to share a com mon spirituality which c an be accessed by the individual conscience and is divine, operating in the field of understanding. The field of science shares the same source as the field of spirituality written by an artist-scholar, the artistic suspension of disbelief is offered to affect a vision of humanity participating harmoniously in the Life Force of the universe itself and using as a touchstone for their common spirituality, their own religion, their own God, Allah, Yahwah, called by any name or no name. Following the philosophy applications of it are off red concerning Iraq, Israel, Terrorists, the Money God, Hatred, Diplomacy, the War Machine, Australian Aboriginal Spirituality, Native American Peace Examples as well as poetry excerpted from the author’s other books: ThuGun and Natasha, The Round Table, Maria and the Comet and Anzac to Understanding.

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