[Book Blitz] Looking Glass Killer by Floyd Merrell (The Mattew-Matt Trilogy #2)


Title: Looking Glass Killer

Author: Floyd Merrell

Series: The Mattew-Matt Trilogy #2

Release Date: 3 December 2013


A psychopathic killer is on the loose. Detectives Lucia and Mike find themselves in a bind. They must decipher the criminal’s outpouring of riddles, puzzles, paradoxes, and words fused with words. It reminds them of a Lewis Carroll novel. In fact, Alice’s looking glass often comes to mind. It is as if the psychopath existed in an illogical, irrational and inconsistent world of his own making. This killer is obviously brilliant. He knows forensics and the media inside out. Who is he? How can Lucia and Mike
come to terms with his idiosyncrasies and bring him to justice?


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~ About Author ~

Floyd Merrell is a retired professor from Purdue University (1973-2011), author of 32 academic books, and now residing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Looking Glass Killer is his second novel, the second volume of the Matthew-Matt trilogy.

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