[Book Blitz] The Silver Stiletto by Roger Nelson


Title: The Silver Stiletto

Author: Roger Nelson

Release Date: 26 March 2015


This adventure/romance takes place in 1996 in Michigan where a young man is tired of his job and his girl has left him, so he decides to go on two-week bicycle /camping trip to get away and rethink his life. His neighbor bets him than he can’t do it for under $200 for the two-week vacation. He wants to be alone, but eventually meets a young woman, also riding a bike, who keeps showing up. There is a touch of fantasy in this Christian themed novel.


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~ About Author ~

Roger Nelson Bicycle rider who qualified in 1994 to ride in the Race Across America Runner who’s been in over a hundred races, most of them 5K Writer with many varied interests Bachelor of Religious Education for the Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Science from Acquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A Michigan resident who resides in Texas during the winter.

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