[Book Blitz] Video Games by Kelly Ann Gonzales


61_28orDvYLTitle: Video Games

Author: Kelly Ann Gonzales

Release Date: 18 February 2014


After David the Writer leaves Cameron de la Cruz for a night out at Dave and Busters in Manhattan, Cameron finds herself in a proverbial quarter-life crisis. Cameron, the naïve anti-heroine, must make a choice between doing what is best for her sanity or what is ultimately better for society. In between high-profile careers and men, she finds that the lines between what normally considered morally just versus what is ethically corrupt are blurring together. Love, lust, and money become entangled in these figurative, and occasionally literal, video games.



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Teaser ~

Chapter Eleven: After Jones.

Cameron, with the help of a sympathetic HR and Sales Department, packed up her boxes from her office. She was not quite sure what her next career move would be given her dramatic exit at La Société. The only thing she was sure of at this point was that at least she would have all the time in the world to blog about dinners and drinks in Manhattan that she would no longer be able to afford. Oh, the first world problems were endless.
All of her office memorabilia, mostly photos of her dog, were able to fit in two Bankers Boxes in one cab ride back to her apartment in midtown. Her midtown apartment was certainly not lavish, but she was still hoping that within a few more years she could work her way high enough up the corporate ladder to afford that condo facing Central Park. She settled down in her apartment, poured herself a large glass of pinot noir from Trentino.

Halfway through her glass and an episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Cameron’s doorbell buzzed. She walked to the door and looked through the peephole. Of course, she thought, it’s Jones. Why should I even be surprised?
“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Cameron yelled through the door.
“I know I’m probably the last person you want to see, but can we talk?” Jones knocked a few more times on the door.
“You know, I thought that after we broke up over five years ago that there wasn’t much more you could do to possibly make me like you any less, but congratulations! You did it, Jones. You really showed up your college self by deciding to buy out the company I’ve been working for the last four years. This is why I left. A smart girl always leaves before she is left.”
“Cameron, that’s why I’m here, standing and yelling for you outside of your door. Why continue to work for other companies when you can have other companies working for you? This is more of a business proposal than a personal quest.”
Cameron opened the door at last. “All right, you have my attention.”

Cameron turned off the TV and poured more pinot noir for her and Jones. They sat down on her faux leather couch in her living room which was barely big enough to fit said couch. Being able to live in Manhattan was enough of an expense for Cameron. She didn’t care to live beyond her means in order to purchase a real leather couch or an expansive living room that could fit more than a couch, table, and early 2000s-style television that she inherited from her parents.
“Cameron, if you join me on this business venture, you will be able to afford a living room where the length of the couch doesn’t have to take up half of the living room. Cameron, you’re a brilliant woman, and I’ve always admired your brilliance, persistence, and kindness despite every shitty situation life has seemed to throw at you.”

“This is really ironic, considering this is coming from the man who broke up with me after my birthday the same year I survived cancer.”
“This was a battle that you so bravely won. I don’t know how to make up for my mistakes that I made when I was a young college boy, so please take this business proposal as my most sincere apology.”
“What makes you think I’d seriously want to work with you of all people?”
“The fact that you could have said no to me asking to be let in to your apartment when I showed up at your door? But you didn’t say no. You let me in, because you know I have a point to make.”
“How the hell did you even find me?”
Jones laughed and almost spit out his pinot. “Come on, Cameron, I just bought the Orthodox. The employee manifest isn’t that complex…not to mention that as a successful career woman, I’m still fascinated by the fact you still manage your time well enough to be able to use the Foursquare app to check in everywhere. I didn’t have to buy your company to find out where you are. Congrats on becoming the Foursquare of that 24/7 deli down the block from you, by the way. I hear their pastrami on rye is to die for.”

“My God, you are the ultimate asshole.” She took his glass of wine and poured him more pinot. “I’ll be a lady, though. I won’t be throwing this drink in your face. I think you’ve gotten enough abuse from me for the day.”
He refused this extra glass of pinot. Instead, he ran his hands up her legs. Jones was even more fit and handsome than she remembered him in college. Jones no longer had that baby face he had when he was in college, but now he had the features of a grown man, a multimillionaire she guessed considering he was able to buy out the Orthodox on a whim. Jones stared at Cameron. Cameron watched herself being stared at.
“Why are we still talking when we can be fucking?”

“Well, here’s the way I see it,” Cameron took one last sip of pinot before she put her glass down, “you already fucked me over at the Orthodox. You might as well fuck me literally too.”
Jones pounced on Cameron so swiftly and severely that their shared body weight tipped over the pleather couch. Jones laid Cameron down on the floor, began to nibble her neck and take off her underwear while on top of her. He undid his belt, slipped off his suit pants and fucked her with his suit jacket, dress shirt, and tie still on.
“I’ve missed you for years,” he whispered in her ear.
All Cameron could manage were moans and groans of longing. In her mind, a rolodex of faces and appeared in her mind. The faces of a younger Jones, of Paolo, and of David stuck out in her mind the most, but these were issues that she did not want to address. She just wanted to be further undressed by Jones the venture capitalist in every corner of her modest midtown apartment.

~ About Author ~


Born in the Philippines, raised in New Jersey, and currently living in New York, Kelly Ann Gonzales published her debut novel, Video Games through Xlibris. She works in the hotel industry fulltime and is the Editor-In-Chief of ALPHA FEMALE SOCIETY. Kelly has an insatiable passion for travel, hospitality, and all things written and to be read.

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