[Book Blitz] Places in God: An Intimate Guided Tour Beryle E. Whitten


CoverTitle: Places in God: An Intimate Guided Tour

Author: Beryle E. Whitten

Release Date: 14 June 2007


Imagine being inside of God’s ear and hearing all the prayers, all the languages spoken in the world. Imagine walking on shiny red embroidery threads that are the heart strings of God. At one point, you must drive a six wheeled bus to move from one area to another. You are transported by thought, led by a Phoenix and instructed by the Major Angel.

This book is an allegorical journey that will find a permanent home in your heart and in your library.

Places in God is a delicate adventure that transposes a manner of wisdom into learning entertainment. It leads the reader on an allegorical journey through the inside of God’s body. Five students follow the Major Angel, God’s tour guide, into His ears and through His heart with stopovers in His attitudes and freedoms. They went to a boutique, a theater and sat in a boardroom. With excitement and awe they were absorbed. With breathtaking silent transports to and through phenomenal inner parts, they were literally digested and released. There is a spiritual increase that becomes apparent as you are propelled with them through Places in God.


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~ About Author ~

This celebrated teacher is Pastor of Spritual Growth Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio. She shares a depth of wisdom, talent, humor and a growing appreciation for those things spiritual. Her panoramic imagination stretches beyond preconceived human boundaries, in a voice that is easy to be trusted. Her travels have taken her to five continents, several tropical islands and to all but four of the lower forty-eight states, to teach and to be taught. Her passion is teaching which she does with unique quality and enthusiasm. She is widowed, mother of one son, Darryl. They live together in Twinsburg, Ohio, which she says is in the woods, but not in the country.

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