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Drake remembers:
“When i was 17, i used to have this terrible Afro , you know, an Afro is supposed to be big , it’s supposed to be a nice sphere and then it’s supposed to end. My joint never really ended, it was like a neck Afro, and it made me look like i had the biggest head in the world. It got so bad that Niko demanded i find a new barber. After following that advice, he got a new hairdo, and his life has never been the same. ‘I was a whole new person, I was, like, reborn’ he laughed.

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I may not be the biggest Drake fan, well, my brother is (he’s 8 and whenever his songs come up, we are to sing and dance, doesn’t matter if we’re in the car). Okay, back to the book. It’s great, there are many interesting things that you might not have known. Get your copy and have fun!

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Yes . I am a self-publishing author , and i am only 27 years old . I am still on the learning stage of publishing

books . But i like to publish non-fiction , self-help , inspirational , and young adult books . I am from Brooklyn, Ny but cu

rrently live in Hickory, Nc . My goals are to one day be able to provide for my family and travel the world . But, one of my biggest goals is to be able to help those in need and less fortunate . I have been publishing books for a year or so but i really take my books what i do seriously . I really hope you enjoy what i put out for ya’ll to take in . Thank you .

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