[Release Day Blitz] Into the Crimson Mist by Oliver Phipps (From the Tales of Orenda #2)


ITCM_Option_3B4Title: Into the Crimson Mist

Author: Oliver Phipps

Series: From the Tales of Orenda #2

Release Date: 5 April 2018


From the tales of Orenda. Book Two:

After a long winter encampment, Orenda, Nazshoni, Kanuna and Onsi cross the Mississippi river and venture west. Their destination is far and Orenda intends to move the small group of warriors without haste in the hope of reaching an embattled tribe far to the west of the great river.

The plan begins to unravel when they come across a ghost village and then dire forebodings from an old Shaman. There is a shape-shifter in the area and she has been causing much destruction and despair. Orenda attempts to go around the troubled area as he feels tomahawks and arrows are no match against magic. But the Deer Woman is already aware of the warriors presence in her territory.

If you enjoyed The Bitter Harvest, you’ll not want to miss the continuing adventures of Orenda and his small group of heroes.


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~ Trailer ~

Teaser ~

Before the sun hit a mid-day sky, the travelers wandered into an even stranger find.
As they approached what looked to be a village, the ground became desolate of life. Dead trees littered the area, with bare limbs hanging down ominously.
Riding into the midst of time weathered mud huts, they realized the structures had been abandon for many seasons.
Orenda stopped in the middle of the ghost village and dismounted. The others did likewise.
Tying his horse to the protruding framework of a vacant hut, he patted his mount on the neck and then pulled a tomahawk from his gear.
Nazshoni readied her bow. Kanuna and Onsi also prepared their weapons, as their leader began to look around.
The three followed Orenda while he examined the inside of several huts. Kanuna came up to him cautiously as they approached another time battered structure.
“Do you think a sickness came to this village?” Kanuna asked as Orenda glanced into the hut.
“A sickness didn’t do that.” Orenda said.
Kanuna turned and investigated the hut. Inside was another skeleton. This person had also been tied up with ropes and had sticks imbedded into the eye sockets.
The young warrior grimaced slightly as he then turned to follow Orenda, who had started walking again.
Nazshoni and Onsi both quickly examined the skeleton as they passed by.
After moving thru the ghost village, finding nothing but skeletons with sticks where the eyes would have been, they returned to their horses.
Orenda and the others untied their mounts. The warrior then gazed around at the desolate surroundings. A dusty breeze flowed through the area, carrying bits of dried foliage with it.
“This place met a very unusual death.” Orenda said and then continued. “Not only the people, but the very ground itself has died.”

~ About Author ~


Oliver served as a Paratrooper in the United States Army and studied at MSC. In the late 1980s through mid 90s Oliver perused his love of music. He enjoyed traveling, playing percussion and writing lyrics for popular bands. During this time Oliver also began writing short stories and articles.

After playing for thousands in the fall and winter of 1996 Oliver’s band abruptly disbanded. Oliver along with a good friend, that was a guitarist got together to form a new band in early spring of 1997. However rather than form a new band the two put together an expedition plan to travel to Northern Canada and Alaska to prospect for gold.

Leaving in April of 1997 Oliver and company traveled up the historic AL-CAN highway. After exploring the Yukon and Northwest territories of Canada as well as the Arctic Circle the team traveled over the Top of the World highway to Alaska.

1999-2000 Oliver traveled through Asia, visiting Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries.

In 2004 Oliver published his first book and continues writing articles and stories under various pseudonyms. Currently Oliver and family reside happily in the U.S.

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