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Title: Gradier

Author: Melique Vample

Release Date: 16 April 2018


A clone, a bipedal horse, a prince, and an emperor struggle to keep a psychotic genius from spreading cataclysm across the galaxy.


The story begins with a twenty two year old man named ‘Cavlov’ who works under his father as an agent for a large vigilante organization known as the silver sun society. They are located the 3rd revolving moon of their home planet ‘Nyamir’ which is a large, vastly blue planet that was once Earth before it was tereformed by way of wars and alien intrusion. Cavlov is a polymath in every respect and is responsifacility the technological advancement of the Silver Sun by leading the research and development team. Cavlov talks to his father, Beneram, about marrying his girlfriend of 8 years. This is  3 days before he is sent on an assignment to fly a ship to the estranged hellish and barren planet, Doramus, to find a notorious assassin who faked his own death, and bring him back so that the Silver Sun could be granted with a better reputation as well as enough money to expand their resources. Cavlov asks his girlfriend to marry him, she says yes, and all is well before he is deployed. When he is sent off, he travels to Doramus with a number of weapons, mostly non-lethal, and searches for the assassin known as Shawbone Clove. Cavlov wears a mask because of a toxin in the air that tends to drive people to insanity once they are exposed to it. Cavlov searches and finds Clove and the two of them come face to face in combat. Clove destroys Cavlov’s ship and tears his suit before Cavlov fires a bullet into his spine and turns him into a quadriplegic. Cavlov carries clove into the ship that Clove traveled to Doramus in and got into the pilot’s seat only to find that Clove’s ship didn’t work either. He looks out the window and begins to see monstrous creatures outside, beating on the ship. With nowhere to run, Cavlov gets out of the ship and begins fighting off the monsters. These are nothing more than hallucinations. A team comes to Doramus to save Cavlov after recieving a distress signal that Cavlov’s ship sent off and they pick him up along with Shawbone Clover. He gets back to the Silver Sun fortress and is checked out by medical staff after he shows signs of psychosis. They do what they can but he only gets worse. At a certain point, he realizes that his sanity is fading and that he would become dangerous if this continues so, he goes to a his private and secret lab that is located on the other side of the moon and lets a clone of himself that he’d been engineering and sets it free. Cavlov goes back to the fortress and locks himself in a containment facility and tells Beneram about his clone of which he named ‘Raphael’ and tells him to train him. Gradier, discovers that Raphael is a vessel without a soul and decides to inhabit the body. Soon after, Beneram trains Raphael as a reolacement for Cavlov. Eventually, Cavlov becomes increasingly insane and the effects of the psychotropic toxin are irreversible. Eventually, Cavlov is convinced that the Silver Sun is against him and many of his true memories are repressed and replaced with false ideas (i.e. they locked him in the containment room as a prisoner etc.) Cavlov breaks out of the containment room and steals a space craft that he uses to travel to a kingdom called Athenaton on a forbidden world where sorcery exists. He learns the secrets of sorcery from the ancient teachings passed down and written by sages and uses his knowledge to create a titan made of metal which he names ‘Choronus’ and uses him to devastate Athenaton. The emperor tries to stop him but fails. When the kingdom is destroyed, Acai, the emperor’s son and paradoxical reincarnation (paradoxical because they exist simultaneously) and Acai’s personal guard, Nophra who is a bipedal horse, seek vengeance. Cavlov returns to destroy the silver sun fortress, killing many and sending wounded to Nyamir including Beneram and Cavlov’s brother, Naphaul.  Raphael witnesses the destruction and gains a personal vendetta against Cavlov, as he’d grown an attachment to Beneram and the Silver Sun. Raphael eventually joins Acai and Nophra to put Cavlov to rest.

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