[Book Blitz] Lily’s Awakening by Omni Delano (Elemental Guardian Series #1)


CoverTitle: Lily’s Awakening

Author: Omni Delano

Series: Elemental Guardian Series #1

Release Date: 28 September 2017


Murderers savagely killed Lily’s mother and caused her to flee her home with her father and brother, leaving behind all they hold dear. Traumatized and desperate, they cross paths with Rain, the mysterious Guardian of the Mountain who vows the help them. On the run from dangerous forces, they escape into the dense forest, ascend through snow and ice, to the peaks of the mountain where lies the hidden realm of the Eavald- powerful being tied to the elements.
Here Lily learns the terrible truth that she was the target of the murderers- and why. Lily must now learn their ways, develop and enhance her own powers, if she has any hope of avenging her mother’s death and ending this cycle of violence once and for all. Meanwhile, she must care for her brother and father, and control the burning desire she feels for her savior, Rain, as she learns her way in this dangerous new world.
Will she follow her heart, her desires, or her destiny?


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~ About Author ~

Author.jpgI am a thirty-five-year-old mother of three teenagers, one boy and two girls. In 2012, doctors found a tumor on my pituitary gland and bleeding on my brain. As a result, I could no longer work and had to give up recently acquired managerial role. Rather than sit around at home in pain, doing nothing all day, I decided to start writing. This resulted in my novel Lily’s Awakening, the first of a six-book series, Elemental Guardians. While I am also a caregiver for my grandfather, I continue to write at my home in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. I enjoy spending quality time with my family.

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