[Book Blitz] We Blend Well Together by Patrice Brown


We_blend_Well_Together_3_1Title: We Blend Well Together

Author: Patrice Brown

Release Date: 3 April 2018


Caleb secretly wonders what his life would be like if his two parents were still together. He must learn to fight his way past the thoughts of living in to separate homes. In his quest to understand why he has a divided home, we he eventually understands why? Today many people are living in divorced and single parent home settings. Caleb is a boy that feels confused and trapped between two different family settings. Driven to find out the truth about his parents split, find out why this suburban North Carolina native boy is frustrated. Is it wrong for Caleb to try to understand his family dynamic or should he remain silent? In a world, where blended families is a new norm. Why not take a look at Caleb’s journey with understanding his family environment. Patrice Shavone Brown being a controversial author explore why the topic of blended family homes is important.

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