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42866438Title: Relationship Chronicles: The Truth About the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Author: James Andre Valentine

Release Date: 3 November 2018


A page-turning debut in the tradition of Osho’s, Being In Love, and the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Bryon Katie, Relationship Chronicles is a dynamic self-help, personal development book from spiritual teacher James A, Valentine that will challenge you to redefine how you view love and relationships, transforming it into a powerful force in your life.

In this book, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach James Valentine chronicles the journey we take from longing for love, to finding the love of our lives, and then after disappointment, finding ourselves right back where we started. He will expose the stories we tell ourselves about why it didn’t work and why we can’t find lasting love and introduce the hard truths along each path of the journey to once and for all open us up to true, enduring, and authentic love.

This book will challenge and redefine every relationship in your life for the better.


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~ About Author ~

18633276James A. Valentine, father of a beautiful daughter, Savannah, has been working as a minister, spiritual life coach, speaker, and teacher for over twenty-five years.

After entering the darkest period of his life, James was able to identify and overcome roadblocks, pain, and struggles that he had lived with unconsciously for most of his life. Through his journey of self-discovery, he learned and implemented certain techniques in his life that allowed him to see almost instant positive results, letting go of unhealthy relationships, self-sabotaging thoughts, and more.

James now specializes in helping his partners achieve their personal and professional goals by identifying and overcoming the subconscious machinations that once held them back from living their best life now. We hope this book empowers you to do the same.

“Life is too short to be unhappy or unfilled.”
~ James A. Valentine

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