[Release Day Blitz] Bloodbath by Ray Rao


38895141Title: Bloodbath

Author: Ray Rao

Release Date: 18 December 2018


India, a nuclear-armed democracy held together by bonds of history and tradition. Its fragile unity is riven by deep religious and ethnic contradictions waiting to explode into open conflict.

Kalidas, a sinister mastermind who dreams of acquiring India’s nuclear weapons. He will exploit those contradictions to ignite a civil war and engineer a breakdown of Indian society.

And twin siblings, Alexis and Jason Wolff, one a ninja, the other an elite ex-commando. They are all that stand between Kalidas’s dream and the nightmare of nuclear Armageddon.

These are the ingredients of Bloodbath, a conspiracy that will force India to the brink of annihilation. And Alexis and Jason to fight for survival at the edge of the deepest abyss in the human soul, staring down an unfathomable evil.

“Heaven help anyone who tries to stand in your way, my dear,” Jonathan said. “I’ve done too much evil in my life to qualify for such celestial protection, so I’m certainly not about to stand in the way when the Sword of Retribution is on a mission of vengeance.”


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~ About Author ~

HR_1Ray Rao spent his formative years in India before coming to America over three decades ago to become an award-winning academic endocrinologist.  His abiding love for India’s history, traditions, and people underpins a deep understanding of its spectrum of religious and ethnic contrasts, ranging from the sublime to the grotesque. Bloodbath is the first in a planned series of suspense thrillers set at the intersection of his intimate knowledge of Indian society, his life experiences as a world traveller and physician, and his study of the martial arts. He is widely-published, and the author of over forty medical publications, including a book on the unique influence of culture and tradition on medical education in Japan.

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