[BOOK BLITZ] So, You Want to be a Sensitivity Reader? by Patrice Williams Marks


43096667Title: So, You Want to be a Sensitivity Reader?

Author: Patrice Williams Marks

Release Date: 29 November 2018


Whether you call them Sensitivity Readers, Diversity Editors or Targeted Beta Readers; their goals are the same: to add authenticity to manuscripts, scripts, marketing materials, gaming storylines which feature marginalized groups… and it’s a booming business in need of trained individuals LIKE YOU.

Sensitivity Readers, Diversity Editors and Targeted Beta Readers are not hired to edit out creativity, but to simply offer suggestions or alternatives, if needed. It is up to the client whether to use any of the suggestions or not.

Sensitivity Readers, Diversity Editors and Targeted Beta Readers have personal experience within a certain niche and are available to authors, publishers, gaming or marketing companies who include diversity within their creative content and want to make sure they are not unintentionally including bias or misrepresentation of a particular group.

To explain it even further, it is just another tool in the writer’s belt to use.

Example: If you wrote a TV show based in a hospital or courtroom and you have zero experience in either, wouldn’t you hire a consultant who is a doctor or attorney to read over your script to make sure you’re getting it correct? You now understand what Sensitivity Readers, Diversity Editors and Targeted Beta Readers do.

What Are *Some* of These Groups?
– Minority Groups
– Different Cultures
– Different Religious Groups
– The Disabled or Physically Challenged
– The LGBTQ community
– Medial/Mental Disorders, etc.

If you are an avid reader, a writer or author and want to offer this service, then this book is for you.

You Will Learn:
– What exactly a Sensitivity Reader is (and Isn’t)
– How to discover your niche
– What a Sensitivity Review Covers (and doesn’t)
– How to can get started in the business and make a good living at it


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~ About Author ~

“I’ve been a writer since age 6 when I pinned the wildly successful (in my own mind) THE DAY SNOOPY GOT MARRIED. My teacher was so impressed that she shared it with the entire school staff. Unfortunately, I never got it back!

I’ve written over 10 screenplays; some of which have been optioned. Hoping one will make it to the big screen some day. I envision Universal’s spinning globe, with it’s majestic horns announcing the opening of the film … my film. Gives me chills.

I’ve written and directed a few short films, “STRINGER,” about a rogue photog on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and “F-HARMONY”; a funny spin on the dating site with an unexpected twist at the end. I’ve written and produced a short stage play, as well as founded “two film festivals. I’ve also written and produced/directed three book trailers..

After reading short stories from Derek Haas’ (bad-ass, big time screenwriter and producer/creator of Chicago Fire) website, aptly called “Popcorn Fiction,” (where he features short stories from writers), I decided to give it a go.

I came up the idea of THE UNFINISHED by marrying 1940’s Film Noir with Sci-Fi. Love the idea of taking a character out of one world and implanting them in another… known as “fish out of water” story.

My lastest release, THE ABDUCTION OF NELLY DON; is a full length novel I am so proud of. It released July 2,

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