[Release Day Blitz] There’s a Winner in You by Pastor Pauline Sutton


CoverTitle: There’s a Winner in You

Author: Pastor Pauline Sutton

Release Date: 29 July 2019


Find the motivation you need to conquer your fears, dominate your day, and fulfill your dreams with this beautiful collection of divinely inspired essays by Pastor Pauline Sutton!

There’s no denying it. Life can be … tough. Between the unstable economic situation, the bleak outlook of world affairs and just generally trying to survive yet another day, it’s easy to see why a lot of people “check out” of life and are merely existing. They have no driven passion, no will to live, and no sense of purpose, because, “why bother?”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In There’s a Winner in You, a concise yet insightful collection of Christian living essays, Pauline Sutton shows you how you can unlock your connection to the divine presence of God in your life and helps you finally put away your anxieties, conquer fear, deal with difficult situations, and come out on top. You’re going to learn how to stop worrying about what the future holds for you and learn how to enjoy the miracle that is in your life.

From learning how to go after your God-giving dreams and stop postponing your goals, how to deal with issues that are holding you back, how to let go of traumatic experiences and tons more candid, scripture-rooted advice, this guide is going to get you started on your journey to becoming a winner again.

Profoundly inspirational and intuitive, There’s a Winner in You is a guide that will get you back in touch with God’s plan for your life and help you live every day with joy, peace, and an unshakeable sense of purpose and direction.


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~ About Author ~

Author pictureI can do all things through Christ . . . .” (Phil. 4:13 KJV)

Pauline Sutton is a counselor, social worker and part-time writer who was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and still lives in the city today. She attained a Bachelor of Science from the University Without Walls and has contributed to many publications throughout a long career.

Pauline’s interests have seen her write on a wide range of topics, providing articles for the local gazette and receiving The Miami Times Award Recognition from the mayor, as well as being presented with the Key to the City.

Pastor Pauline Sutton has a hot new release, There’s a Winner in You, a collection of short, inspirational essays.

In her free time, Pauline enjoys writing, of course, but loves nothing more than spending time with her young grandson, taking him to the park whenever she gets the chance.

Having had a mother who was a National Evangelist and a father who was a deacon, she naturally gravitated to becoming a regular and engaged member of her church, volunteering for numerous good causes and helping to feed the homeless through her church.

Pastor Pauline Sutton hopes to continue to write for as long as she can and is constantly striving to be the best she can be through her work, family life and volunteering.

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