Cover Reveal

Is your book scheduled to come out in a months or maybe more? Everything is set, but now comes the hard part. Every day there are hundreds of books coming out in the market, so you need to do something to differenciate yours, or at leat create the buzz so people will hear about it and will get interested! That’s where KC Book Promotions comes in! We will organize the Cover Reveal so your book gets the buzz even before it hits the market!

What’s a Cover Reveal?

A Cover Reveal, is just what the name says. We are revealing the cover of the book way before it hits the market! why? this way we create the buzz before, and the readers will keep in mind that there’s an awesome book coming out soon! But keep in mind the Cover reveal is only for the books that are going to be released and you haven’t put the cover of the book either on amazon or goodreads! If you missed your chance to do a Cover Reveal, it’s always good to do a Release blitz! but if your book has been in the stores for some time I recommend to check Promo Tours or Review Tours, in my services section 🙂 

What do I do?

  • Recommend your book on Goodreads
  • Tweet Daily
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Send email announcements to Tour Hosts [Bloggers]

The books I’ll accept for tours are:

Young Adult – contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, etc.

New Adult – contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, etc.

Borderline erotic or books with extreme mature content will be accepted for review tours, but I do not promise anything 🙂  

If you would like to book any of my services send an email to:

info.katiescorner (at) icloud (dot) com

What should you send me?

I don’t need much, send me the email with preffered date and attach:

-Book cover (front or full jacket)

-Summary of the book and the pre-order links, or at least GoodReads link

– Excerpt (optional)

-Author Bio and links

-Author picture

-Some other promotional goodies

– This can be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

$20 for one day as many stops as possible

All promotional banners are designed by me so do not worry about creating anything to send it.

All payments accepted via PayPal


For cover reveal and blitz payment is required at booking.

Please, book as early as you can, this gives more time for me to contact the bloggers 


“I contacted Katie about the cover and trailer reveal for my mini anthology Night Journeys, and her level of support was outstanding. She honestly went above and beyond to help me spread the word, and I couldn’t be happier to have her help. I would highly recommend her!”

E. C. Hibbs, “Night Journeys Anthology”