Promo Tour

Have you published your book, but you don’t get as much awareness as you hoped you would? That’s where KC Book Promotions comes in! We will organize the Promo Tour so your book gets the maximum exposure and it will appear on social media more!

What’s a Blog Tour?

A Promo Tour is a something similar to Blog Tour, though this time I’m putting the empathis on the promos or spotlights! However, there still will be reviews but not as many as many as this depends on the interest in the book! It can be  3-day, a week or even a month long! That’s up to you. But keep in mind the promo tour is only for the books that have been already released, if yours is hitting the stores soon, I recommend to check Cover Reveal or Release Blitz in my services section 🙂 

What do I do?

  • Recommend your book on Goodreads
  • Tweet Daily
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Send email announcements to Tour Hosts [Bloggers]

The books I’ll accept for tours are:


Young Adult – contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, etc.

New Adult – contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, etc.

Borderline erotic or books with extreme mature content will be accepted for review tours, but I do not promise anything 🙂  

Please note, promo tours do not guarantee an increase in book sales.Sometimes it is effective in this way for some, there’s no promise it will be successful for all. i can only promise to do my best in helping to make a buzz about your release.

If you would like to book any of my services send an email to:

info.katiescorner (at) icloud (dot) com

What should you send me?

I don’t need much, send me the email with preffered dates and attach:

-Book cover (front or full jacket)

-Summary of the book and the purchase links

– Excerpt

-Author Bio and links

-Author picture

-Some other promotional goodies: Offer a giveaway, etc

– This can be booked at least 3 weeks in advance, prefferably 2-3 months in advance.

$30 for one week or $40 for one month, as many stops as possible

Please keep in mind that there isn’t a guarantee that everyone who reviews your book on the tour will enjoy it. I ask the the reviewers if they don’t like the book and are giving it less that 3 stars, then he/she should not post the review.

All promotional banners are designed by me so do not worry about creating anything to send it.

All payments accepted via PayPal


* At booking you pay the half of the price, and the other half is payed if the below conditions are met:

 *For blog tours, payment is required when you reach at least 10 participants (no matter the kind of stop: interview, guest posts, reviews, spotlights)

*For promo tour, payment is required when you reach at least 5 participants.

Please, book as early as you can, this gives more time for me to contact the bloggers 


“I greatly enjoyed working with Katie Topchishvili, she did a wonderful job for me for my book tour. She was friendly and professional, and the people who did my interview and review where fantastic, they all got 5 stars from me. I recommend her to anyone in need of great promoter for their book, you can see for yourself here.”

Cassandra Stangle, “The Wings of Darkness and Flam